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Core Values

Vibrant Community

We are strengthened by diversity and the different backgrounds, experiences, and perspectives in our vibrant community. We cultivate open communication and positive relationships amongst our families, faculty, and administration.

Respectful Relationships

We see value in ourselves and those around us. We show respect by operating with integrity and being true to our word. We live by the Golden Rule: we should treat others as we would like others to treat us.

Lifelong Learning

We cultivate a love of learning in students that will help them experience a rich and meaningful life. We are a learning organization and innovate because we question the status quo and are open to new ideas. We put what we learn into action with a “can-do” approach and an entrepreneurial spirit.

Excellence in Education

We aspire to be the best and set high standards for ourselves. We are a magnet for talented, hardworking people and we invest in their continued development. We recognize that we are most effective when we work as a team. Most importantly, we stay focused on delivering the highest quality education to our students and excellent service to their families.

Love of Life

We appreciate life and the time we have together. We are thankful for the opportunity to learn about and explore our world. We enjoy learning, being with friends, and having fun!