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The MA Advantage

One of the greatest differences in the Montessori methodology and mainstream American education lies in the roles of the child, the teacher, and the environment. In a traditional school, the teacher is made to be the one source of information. In a Montessori environment, however, the child draws on tremendous interaction with his environment and materials. The teacher’s role becomes one of a facilitator.

Research has proven time and again, that the manipulation of these materials allows a child to better understand concrete principles of math and language. Moving to more abstract concepts later in a child’s education is done with a deep understanding, not just a rote memorization of facts. An enthusiasm for learning stays with the child for a lifetime.

At Manhattan Academy, your child will benefit from a true Montessori environment with experienced and credentialed Montessori teachers. We offer small class sizes where your child will grow independently and learn how to function within a group setting.

Some other advantages include:

  • Safe and secure campus
  • Extended after care available
  • Summer Camp
  • Acceptance into top notch private Middle Schools and High Schools
  • Loving and caring teachers
  • Field Trips