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Elementary Specialty Classes

Complementing our core academic program in the Elementary School, is our exciting enrichment program. All students attend specialty classes in Spanish, Art, Music, Technology, Makerspace and Physical Education. 


Additional enrichment classes are offered on an optional basis. More information can be found on our Enrichment page.

Spanish class


Our Spanish program continues to be taught in an immersive fashion in Elementary School with a greater focus here on reading and writing fluency.  Students begin developing conversational Spanish skills, being able to order in a restaurant, greet one another and ask basic questions.  We delve into the cultural aspects of the various Spanish-speaking countries, focusing on the foods, songs, holidays and other customs that bring these cultures to life.


Art class provides an opportunity for our students to express themselves creatively while learning the foundations of visual arts. We focus on The Elements of Art and The Principles of Design. Each year, the students are challenged with art projects that open their minds and use a variety of art techniques. We also infuse art history into our curriculum, focusing on different artists each year.


Children work with various materials, both in directed and open-ended projects. Oftentimes, art projects are tied to learning taking place in other subjects, like language arts or cultural studies, giving the children a way to bring their curriculum to life. The students are able to showcase their work at our annual Art Gala, a hallmark event at Manhattan Academy.

art project teaching proportion
students performing musical concert


Our elementary music program focuses on developing basic singing and performance skills, understanding components of music like rhythm and pitch, and introduction to playing instruments, and of course, having fun!  All students perform twice yearly at our Holiday Performance and Spring Concert. Our concerts always revolve around a fun theme that the children are excited to share with their family members.


Our technology class is taught to all students in the STEAM lab. In these older grades, we focus on mastery of the keyboard, word processing, coding and design. Each elementary class is introduced to a variety of websites that focus on basic coding and typing expertise. We also use the computer for numerous creative projects and design lessons. By the end of the year, each student is able to log in, navigate numerous websites, type efficiently and complete basic coding lessons that are suitable for their age. 

technology class
children playing outside at physical education class

Physical Education

Our large sports field and indoor gymnasium provide the perfect backdrops for our elementary students to participate in a wide variety of activities. At this age, children are honing gross motor skills, mastering the rules of various games, and also learning to be great teammates and good sports.  We also introduce the students to the study of calisthenics, teaching them about their muscles, how they work, and how to maintain our physical health.


Manhattan Academy boasts a large STEAM Lab, which is a perfect setting for our students' creativity to come to life. In Makerspace class, we focus on specific problem solving skills and also open-ended innovation, brought to life through questions and projects incorporating science, technology, engineering mathematics and art (STEAM). As we aim to develop the future thinkers of tomorrow, our Makerspace curriculum fosters a thirst for discovery and sense of comfort in trial and error.

student building in makerspace class
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