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About Us

Mission & Goals

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Manhattan Academy's mission is to develop the unique abilities of each child by offering an individualized, developmentally appropriate and enriched educational program. Our focus is "The Whole Child" through which we strive for excellence in all disciplines through a hands-on approach. Manhattan Academy's comprehensive design takes our students on a journey of cognitive, social, creative, physical, technological and moral achievement. Rich traditions rooted in the Montessori philosophy and our innovative curriculum grows productive, caring and intellectually curious citizens.


  • To provide a Montessori-based environment that fosters positive academic, social and emotional growth

  • To challenge each child to achieve his/her full potential through individualized learning in a hands-on, interactive environment

  • To develop a lifelong love of learning through self-motivation and independence

  • To provide a well-balanced curriculum that stresses academics and incorporates liberal arts

  • To respect  and appreciate each child, focusing on his/her uniqueness and individuality

  • To promote freedom with responsibility

  • To achieve a sense of community through the cooperation of school, parents and child

  • To provide the children with multi-cultural awareness, acceptance and appreciation

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