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Summer Camp

Make a splash during summer by attending Manhattan Academy’s Fun in the Sun Summer Camp! Whether you choose to dive into reading, writing, math, art, sports, or adventure, Manhattan Academy will be the place to be!  We plan activities appropriate for each age group, from our infants to our elementary students. Our younger campers will experience on-campus “field trips”, swimming in our pool, water play, our water slide, bounce houses, trips to nearby Polliwog Park and much more. Our older students will use fun topics to sharpen math, writing, reading, and other skills, preparing themselves for success in the fall. They will enjoy swimming in our pool and field trips to many local attractions.


infant smiling


During summertime, your child’s time at the Manhattan Academy Infant Center will continue to be filled with magical discoveries, developmental achievements, strides in independence and, of course, constant affection!  This exceptional program will provide your children the opportunity to socialize and it will expose them to various cognitive and creative activities to spark their interest. Although all infants have their own individual schedules, each of their days at Manhattan Academy share common features. All of our infants will participate in developmentally appropriate experiences, such as water play, art, music and movement, story time, block play, baby massages, tummy time activities, and much more. Each activity will provide frequent opportunities to promote growth in all areas of development: social, emotional, physical, and cognitive.


We provide a beautiful environment year-round for our toddlers to explore and develop at their individual pace. The toddlers and young preschoolers will continue to work on socialization, toileting, and using the Montessori materials created especially for little hands. These materials help them gain independence, increase hand-eye coordination, and develop a positive self-image.

We plan many exciting adventures for our young students during summertime. We will continue with our Montessori morning lessons, followed by enticing art projects, cooking projects, bubbles, water play, bounce houses and much more! Our young students will also have an opportunity to enjoy their outdoor environment even more during the warm, sunny days of summer!

toddler doing water play
preschooler swimming

Primary (Preschool)

Welcome to our fun-filled summer! Another great time awaits these young students. Mornings revolve around the traditional Montessori work period, helping our students gain confidence in their academic skills, especially in the areas of math and language. Children will also get the opportunity to enjoy our outdoor environment class where they can work in their vegetable garden, water their flowers, learn about composting, and more!

Afternoons will include plenty of fun time outside in the California sun (don’t forget the sunscreen!). Afternoon play will include craft projects, free time on the playground equipment, organized games on the field, water play days with the water slide, swimming in our pool and fun summer-themed parties!

Additionally, all Primary students have the option to enroll in swimming lessons.

Upper Primary (Kindergarten)

Get a head start on Upper Primary! Attending summer school will enable your child to learn the routines of the classroom and begin the challenging, but enticing academic program. Students spend their mornings in a Montessori work period, independently working on math and language. Afternoons will be spent on the thematic studies, special on-campus field trips, swimming, craft projects, organized games on the field, water play days with the water slide, swimming in our pool and fun summer-themed parties!

Additionally, all Upper Primary students have the option to enroll in swimming lessons.

summer camp foam party
campers jumping in swimming pool


Elementary summer camp is divided into two groups: 1) those going into 1st and 2nd grade (E1-2) and 2) those going into 3rd –5th grade (E3-E5). The summer school program is specifically designed to encourage the academic development of each child, as well as offer stimulating thematic study and a classroom environment appropriate for each age group. Mornings will be spent on math and language arts studies, followed by the thematic activities.

Afternoons will be spent in student selected electives such as Spanish, music, photography, art, and science, field trips, and swimming.

Additionally, all Elementary students have the option to enroll in swimming lessons.

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